Thursday, August 18, 2011

Why did God make stupid people?

This is a conversation that I had several years ago with child #1, she is now 8.

We, me and the kids, decided to go out and grab something for dinner, Mr. Lost was working late and the kids and I have a picnic in our bed when he is working late. We pulled out of our neighborhood onto the busy 2 lane road where the speed limig is 45, when people obey it. As we were making our left hand turn we saw a dad and his 2 small cnildren on their bikes (the kids had to be 5 & 7, maybe) riding on the shoulder of the road. Child #1 asked why a dad would be biking with his kids on such a busy road. I said I don't know. Here is where the conversation went.

Child #1 asked, "why did God make stupid people?" I said, "God didn't make stupid people, some people just don't always make the right choices." Child #1 said, "so, then God made stpid people?" "No" I say, "God didn't make stupid people he made everyone the same some people just don't always think before they do things, people make bad decisions, that doesn't have to do with God." Child #1 says, "then God made stupid people" "Yes, honey God made stupid people."

There was no explaining this one. And at 8 years old I'm sure she still thinks God made stupid people. And you know what after all these years I like her way of thinking

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